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Seamlessly integrating ensuring the smoothest project delivery

What We Do

At INFRACO, we pride ourselves as strategic partners who work closely with clients to develop, optimise and execute utility solutions. We understand that aligning strategic objectives is key to the success of any infrastructure project, and we're here to help you from inception, right through to delivery and completion.

Our approach goes beyond traditional transactional utility management. We specialise in multifaceted stakeholder and interface coordination, alongside Project, Commercial and Design management. Our team of seasoned experts, with extensive experience in managing major projects, provide seamless integration and management across the project disciplines.

We believe that utilities should be at the forefront of any infrastructure decision-making process, which is why we work closely with clients to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged and that the strategy is aligned. We also work with all parties to identify buildability, routes to market, and project technology alongside the management and assurance of the delivery phase to provide a comprehensive offering through CODA.

Ultimately, our strategic focus ensures that all infrastructure projects thoroughly consider, invest in, mitigate and manage utilities at the right stage so that they are aligned with broader organisational goals, delivering them on time, within budget, and to the highest standard.

Project and Programme Management

INFRACO provides indispensable services in utility infrastructure and facilitates project and program management for enabling works.

Our experienced consultants bring extensive hands-on experience, having been involved in or collaborated on some of the UK's most notable infrastructure projects. These projects are distinguished by complex connections and involvement of numerous stakeholders.

Whether you need specialized, strategic, or fundamental project management expertise, we offer solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Commercial and Procurement Management

We possess a thorough understanding of the demands and intricacies associated with commercial aspects of infrastructure projects at INFRACO. Our expertise extends to facilitating negotiations, providing assistance in choosing between NRSWA or tailor-made agreements with utility companies.

Collaborating with numerous clients, we take charge of overseeing and advising on commercial and procurement milestones. This includes crafting procurement strategies while leveraging our comprehensive understanding of the necessary procurement rules.


Moreover, we extend our support to clients by offering services in commercial management, contract administration, and project cost management during the project delivery stages.


Design Management and Coordination

Our expert design consultants possess the skills and knowledge to aid in the complexity of design elements, encompassing management, coordination, and integration. This assistance is provided throughout every stage of your project.

INFRACO has the capacity to oversee design processes and protocols, ensuring a seamlessly integrated design. This meticulous approach is crucial for securing subsequent approval from statutory undertakers and achieving successful adoption.

Construction Management and Assurance

We provide construction management and assurance services, leveraging the expertise of our seasoned construction professionals. INFRACO skilfully manages and coordinate all involved parties to guarantee a flawless utilities installation on the first attempt. This approach ensures a smooth adoption process and helps mitigate any impacts on the broader project timeline.


Case Studies

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